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20 Pack 50 GPD RO Membrane Water Filter Fit for 5/6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

20 Pack 50 GPD RO Membrane Water Filter Fit for 5/6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

20 Pack 50 GPD RO Membrane Water Filter Fit for 5/6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Membrane Solutions Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes are made from 100% food-grade Thin Film Composite (TFC) material for ultimate purification performance, with high permeate flow and salt rejection, tested by an independent third-party to meet NSF/ANSI 58 water standards to ensure a reduction in contaminants, providing safe-clean drinking water. Membrane Solutions RO membrane with a high 97% stabilized salt rejection rate. Hundreds of impurities are reduced by over 99% through the 0.0001 micron TFC membrane layer, including heavy metals (fluoride, calcium, magnesium, lead, colloids, chromium, and nitrates), organic materials such as bacteria and viruses, and harmful minerals, including other soluble salts found in water sources.

Industry-standard element size 11.75 x 1.75-inch, designed to fit in standard 1812/2012 residential-style RO membrane housings utilizing a 2-inch internal diameter. Suitable for most home under sink Reverse Osmosis water filtration system. APEC MEM-ES-50, MEM-ES-75 AQUANOVA TW30-1812-50G, TW30-1812-100G. AXEON TF-1812-50, TF-1812-75, TF-1812-100, TF-1812-150.

Desal TFM-18, TFM-50, TFM-75, TFM-100. Dow Filmtec TW30-1812-36, TW30-1812-50, TW30-1812-75 (BW60-1812-75), TW30-1812-100. GE FX12M, FX12P, TFC-24, TFM-18. Geekpure GP-TW-1812-50G (HIDROTEK 50G), GP-TW-1812-75G (HIDROTEK 75G), GP-TW-1812-100G (HIDROTEK 100G).

HUINING RO-1812-50, RO-1812-75, RO-2012-100, RO-2012-150. LiquaGen LG-30-2012, 75 GPD, 100 GPD. Membrane Solutions ROULP-1812-36, ROULP-1812-75, ROULP-2012-100, ROULP-2012-150.

MOPUEHEL HRE 1812-50, 1812-75, 2012-100, 2012-150. Vegebe ROM-ES-50, ROM-ES-75, ROM-ES-100, ROM-ES-150.

MewMore ROM-ES-50, ROM-ES-75, ROM-ES-100, ROM-ES-150. Compatible Reverse Osmosis System Models. APEC Water ESSENCE RO-90, RO-Hi, ROES-50, ROES-100, ROES-UV75, ROES-UV75-SS, RO-PERM, RO-PH90, ROES-PH75, ROES-PHUV75. Express Water RO5DX, RO10MX, RODI10D, ROUV10DCG, ROALK5D, ROALKUV10M.

Geekpure RO5, RO5-DI, RO5-PLUS, RO5-UV, O5-MF, RO5-AF, RO6-UV. ISpring RCC1UP, RCC7, RCC7P, RCC100P, RO100, PH100, RCC7AK, RCC7AK-UV, RCC7D, RCC7P-AK, RCC1UP-AK.

PureDrop RTW5, RTW5AK, RTW5AK, RTW5U. The list is under continuous updating. This product is a generic item that is designed to replace the original part.

Any brand names or logos are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any use of any brand name or model designation for this product is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility. The membrane element has a life expectancy between 2 to 3 years, based on average feedwater quality, temperature, and incoming water pressure. Assistance is available from our experts, ready to answer any of your questions about your RO membrane.

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Filter Size: 11.75" x 1.75" (Fits standard 2 ID membrane housings). 1 Pack: 1 x 50 GPD RO Membrane. 2 Pack: 2 x 50 GPD RO Membrane. 4 Pack: 4 x 50 GPD RO Membrane. 6 Pack: 6 x 50 GPD RO Membrane.

8 Pack: 8 x 50 GPD RO Membrane. 10 Pack: 10 x 50 GPD RO Membrane. 20 Pack: 20 x 50 GPD RO Membrane.
20 Pack 50 GPD RO Membrane Water Filter Fit for 5/6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System